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Ladies Living Cloud 9 - Week 1 Frequency

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

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Living Unlimited Possibility

Manifesting what you want in life means managing your frequency. This week we developed a menu unlike any restaurant menu you've ever seen. We wanted to illustrate the choices we all make each day between low-frequency thoughts and high-frequency thoughts. Using a restaurant menu as a metaphor.

For example the low-frequency menu showcased delights such as: Hurt: A slight bitter taste that will have you looking forward to remembering a great loss, an embarrassing moment, or a gigantic adversary.

Contrasted by the cost: Years of emotional pain becoming an addiction for you. Overwhelming you with your feelings this emotion becomes so common and constant that you begin to feel like it's a part of you and you can't imagine a life without that old hurt. Where in comparison you may instead choose the high-frequency menu with delicacies such as Joy: A mouth watering morsel, bursting with great pleasure and happiness. Illustrating the cost: Benefits Of Joy, laughing, it will increase your serotonin and endorphins in your brain, and simultaneously decreases stress hormones in the body. Smiling is an act of joy and is also good for the health of your lungs, muscles, heart, and immune system.

Every moment of every day we are given a choice. Jeannie discussed at length about the illusion of both high and low frequency thought. She described in detail the peace that comes from gaining a conscience understanding and acceptance of the illusions and firmly centering ourselves in present moment thinking.

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