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Is YOUR bucket full?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

A metaphor is something representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I love to talk in metaphor. It's been said that because we dream in metaphor it is 'the language of the unconscious'. So in this example when I ask you "Is your bucket full?" I'm using a metaphor. The bucket, in this case, is the receptacle that carries your energy and the measurement "full" or "empty" (or anywhere in between) is a symbolic way to measure how you feel.

A lot of people think that they can rely solely on others to fill their bucket for them and in some cases, they may even be successful with this for a period of time. However, like anything that is outside of ourselves, it's not sustainable and often unreliable. And, if we are really honest it's pretty selfish to dip into other people's buckets to fill our own.

What I see happening all the time is threefold:

- People walking around giving from an empty bucket

- People walking around taking from others buckets

- People hurt that there is not enough to fill their own bucket

Can you identify a recent time when you can see you were doing one of those three things?

Within each of us is a deep, never-ending well to continuously ensure our bucket is full, however, in order to access it, we need to have the tools available to tap into ourselves, protect our supply and to continually replenish it and stop taking from other people's muddy buckets.

As I say, your well is limitless; in constant supply. But it is NOT "free", you have to at the very least invest your time. But, don't worry, there are lots of ways you can do it regardless of your income and all of the tariffs feel great. I am talking about Mindfulness, Self-Care, Self-Support, etc. At a high level, I think we all have a basic understanding. But in essence, it's when we take time for ourselves. Every moment in time you spend caring for yourself unlocks your unlimited well.

When our bucket is full we have enough for ourselves and we are able to give with love to others without feeling drained. Here are some suggestions for self-care strategies that will help you ensure your bucket is always full to the brim.

11 Ways To Fill Your Bucket

Get lots of sleep - If you have trouble sleeping book a free 1:1 consultation hypnotherapy is amazing for insomnia.

Drink lots of water - If you struggle with this check out sugar-free flavoured water like "Bubly"

Maintain Proper Nutrition - Consider this online and 1:1 Nutritional Healing offer with Patricia MacNeill (4-month program)

Exercise Regularly - If you're looking for great new ideas to get moving, check out ELM online and in person training, group coaching, motivation, education and resources including training videos, articles and training plans to support you on your fitness journey.

Maintain Social Support - Check out our community support option for Ladies Living Cloud 9

Find Hobbies - When's the last time you did something new and creative? Check out Tap into your inner artist

Pamper Yourself - We highly recommend Aroma Bliss treatment by Nicole Anderson at Cloud 9 Health & Wellness, if you're looking to bliss out on self-care!

Keep Your Mind Sharp - learn new things, read etc. Ladies Living Cloud 9 is a great weekly tool kit for personal growth and development

Have The Right Attitude - Watch low-frequency thinking (Week 1 of Ladies Living Cloud 9 available online now)

Process Your Emotions - Keeping your emotions bottled up may lead to an emotional explosion later on. It’s generally healthier to listen to your feelings, process them, and try to understand them. Consider them ‘messengers’ that tell you when something is not right with your world. A great way to process emotions is the act of journaling. When you write about your feelings, and potential solutions to your problems, you can reduce stress in your life and even see some health benefits.

Maintain a Meditation / Self Hypnosis or Mindfulness practice - With Ladies Living Cloud 9 - Each week I upload a new professionally recorded hypnosis script to keep you centred and focused. - Download Week One "Frequency" - Free Here.

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Here's to your full bucket!

With love,

Jeannie Spencer M.H., C.HT Clinical Master Hypnotherapist

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