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I use EFT Coaching to help you re-wire you brain's response to stress.

EFT lets you release the emotional hitches that snag you.
Think of it like a home makeover, but for your mind. The old boxes of clutter are gone, the place feels airy, and you don’t hate living there.
Clinical studies show EFT is a powerful treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions. I’ve used it with transformative results for releasing grief, anger, worry, for making tough decisions, and for overcoming performance-related stress.
It’s an evidence-based treatment that produces clinically significant results– or, as I like to say, it works like a hot damn.
Each session shifts things. (Fair warning: don’t book a session if you’re not ready for change!)


“The tapping was magical! It cut through everything. I got relief from the thoughts going around in my head. There’s more room and it feels incredibly good!”

"I left the office feeling lighter than I had in years. Suddenly, the worries that overwhelmed my daily life didn’t seem so heavy anymore. I have been increasingly impressed, session after session, as Jessica adapts to my changing needs and concerns and tailors each session—basically on the spot—to help me release my fears and anguish. She brings out the positive energy I need to carry on with an open and clear mind. She has allowed me to love and accept myself after years of self-doubt.”

"I was overwhelmed and anxious. After my first session with Jessica and that amazing EFT, I felt a real positive shift in my thinking. With each session I gained some clarity and a new confidence to listen attentively to my heart. Creating change was possible, without fear or anxiety."

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