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ELM Members Offer

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Living Cloud 9

Your Weekly Wellness Workshop: Online or In Person


ELM Members access our monthly membership for only $95 per month with our price lock guarantee and also receive double the guest passes each year!

Every Wednesday from Feb 6, 2019.

Live your best life each and every week, learn powerful life-changing tools for your personal growth and development. Attend the in-person sessions at Cloud9 up to 4 x per month (8 hours) or catch up with the tools and sessions via our private Facebook group, whichever best suits your schedule. Hosted by Jeannie Spencer.


  • Weekly Group Drop-In Sessions (every Wednesday 1:30 – 3.30 pm at Cloud9 – 2hrs each week)

  • Refreshments

  • Private Facebook Group

  • New Wellbeing Tools Taught Each Week

  • Home Work Assignments Each Week

  • Group Hypnotherapy Sessions & Record Your Own MP3’s

  • Guest Speakers At Least Once A Month

  • Special Discounts on 1:1 Hypnotherapy Sessions, Workshops and Other Services

  • 10 Free Guest Passes Per Year ($400 value)***







Each week we will cover new topics and tools. You will create your own goals and if you chose to share them within our small community then you will also benefit from ongoing support and accountability. We will work through the entire wheel of life in our goal setting which truly covers a well-balanced living experience.


  • Health and Wellness

  • Business/ Career

  • Family and Friends

  • Community

  • Fun and Recreation

  • Personal Growth

  • Romance

  • Physical Environment


  • Feelings of accomplishment

  • Miracles unfolding in your life

  • A more positive and healthy disposition

  • Improved relationships

  • Feeling supported

  • Increased energy, peace, confidence and wellbeing



"Jeannie was sweet, empathetic, and all-around wonderful. She worked with me extensively to create the perfect script, which I was to listen to nightly before my due date. My daughter came a month early, so I was only able to hear the recording a handful of times, but even with that tiny little bit, my second daughter’s labour and birth were amazing. I was smiling and joking throughout most of it, completely relaxed, and when it was all done, I was surprised to realize it was a beautiful experience I would love to do again. Thanks Jeannie!"

"I found Jeannie at a time in my life where my stress level and anxiety was almost intolerable. Through hypnosis, Jeannie was able to give me clarity and peace of mind and heart when I needed it most. I will always be grateful for this. Thank you!"

"Jeannie was not only outstanding as a hypnotherapist but graceful, generous and truthful. If you are looking for a healer, I highly recommend Jeannie Spencer to anybody. She is profound."

** Cancel at any time with a one-month minimum commitment.

***Additional guest passes can be purchased for $40 per guest. Guests passes can only be used by someone who has not attended a workshop as a guest in the past. Only one guest pass can be used per week.